EarthSave Vision and Mission

EarthSave's Vision

Imagine a world where the land is fertile, the water is clean, the air is fresh and all are fed. In this world nature is treated as a community, not a commodity, and our food is healthy for us as well as for the planet.

EarthSave's Mission

EarthSave is dedicated to helping create a compassionate, just and sustainable world.

EarthSave's Approach

We believe that one simple step each of us can take to create this world is to move toward a healthy, plant-based diet because our food choices profoundly affect the whole web of life on Earth. The good news is that the healthiest way to eat is also the most economical, the most compassionate and the least destructive. What's best for us personally is also best for the planet.

Through monthly potlucks, dine-outs, educational programs and resources, projects and other fun, positive and inclusive activities we seek to show the benefits of a healthy, plant-based diet and to bring about a shift in the world. We encourage sound nutrition, conservation of resources and sustainable agriculture. We show how an animal-based diet and the factory farming which underlies it causes enormous depletion and pollution of the natural world, suffering for the animals, and danger to our own health.

EarthSave welcomes people of all kinds who are interested in taking informed action to heal our lives and our planet. We encourage a responsible approach to restoring balance, kindness and health to our society. In everything we do we want to show the joy and benefits of a plant-based diet. In all of our activities, relationships and interactions we strive to create an open, fun, supportive, healthy, compassionate and harmonious environment. We want to invite you and your passions to get as involved as you like. We have monthly core group meetings and welcome your involvement in projects and committees.

"May all be fed, may all be healed, may all be loved." - John Robbins

Featured Event:
Sunday, August 19 at 6PM
Lake Harriet United Methodist Church
4901 Chowen Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN
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